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We invite you to take a participation in cybersecurity international team competitions BRICS+ Capture The Flag. The qualification stage will be online in CTF Jeopardy format. The best teams will be able to compete in the final, which will be held online in CTF Attack-Defense format. This year, final is dedicated to V International Municipal BRICS+ Forum.

Qualification round dates

The qualification stage will be online in CTF Jeopardy format. The CTF is for any academic/professional team from all around the world. Top-3 teams from each of the 5 BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and 10 international teams will be invited to the final round. Before the final round we will ask eligible for the BRICS quota teams to verify their status.

Game start

Sunday, September 24, 2023. 10:00 UTC


24 hours, ends on Monday, September 25, 2023. 10:00 UTC

Awards in Final

Prize pool is 800 000 roubles. Also, our partners XCTF gives the best team in Quals a spot in the 8th XCTF final.

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1st, 2nd, 3rd teams

Prizes from the pool of 800 000 roubles

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XCTF Finals spot

Invitation to the 8th XCTF final for the 1st team in Quals

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For all participated teams with non-zero points


We are trying our best to provide interesting and fair competition. Please, don't ruin game for others. The following behaviors will lead to disqualification:

Any destructive behavior

Don't attack the contest system itself. Don't delete flags. Don't break services (if you find a bug, please report it to organizers). Don't generate excessive load.

Any behavior that compromises the fairness of contest

Don't fake the location of your team. Don't register multiple accounts. Don't share flags or ask for flags. Don't publish challenge files, solutions or flags.

Frequently asked questions

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Can we register a team of different universities?

Yes. We invite teams consisted of any members: academic, professional, etc

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Can we join the competition not from the beginning?

It's okay to join and start playing any time between start and end

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Is this competition friendly for beginners team?

Yes. We have tasks with different complexity. Any team will find interesting tasks.

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Can we play in finals if our team is not from BRICS country?

Yes, you can if you will be in the top-10 teams not from BRICS country

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Can we get PDF certificates of participation for our team?

Yes. After the end of the competition organizers will send certificates for any team

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Where to find similar tasks or tasks from the previous CTFs?

We are going to publish some materials about CTF for you as well as Q&A session in English are planned before qualification and final rounds, September, 23 and November, 10 accordingly. Stay tuned.

Organizers and Partners

«Capture the flag» (CTF in short) – is a cybersecurity competition (the most accurate analogy - ACM ICPC in the field of information security). Teams receive certain tasks in the fields of cryptography, reverse engineering, web vulnerabilities, network security, forensics – fields in which information security engineers usually deal with. CTF format – one of the most popular competition formats aiming to develop professional, psychological skills and teamwork for all participants.

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